September 7, 2007

The Devil in Me

Stories of people trying to exorcize their inner demons.

Graphic by Blutt.


Host Ira Glass talks about not being able to admit when he's wrong, as well as other traits he's not proud of, but can't seem to change. (3 minutes)
Act One

And So We Meet Again

Sam Slaven is an Iraq War veteran who came home from the War plagued by feelings of hate and anger toward Muslims. TAL producer Lisa Pollak tells the story of the unusual action Sam took to change himself, and the Muslim students who helped him do it. (34 minutes)
Act Two

Vox Diaboli

Sometimes the inner voice telling us to do the wrong thing actually sounds like a voice. TAL producer Nancy Updike talks to people about the voices in their heads that persuade them to go astray. (6 minutes)

Act Three

The Devil Wears Birkenstocks

Some people battle inner demons, but contributor David Ellis Dickerson went one step further. David tells the story of the time he took on an actual demon in his college classroom. (11 minutes)