December 18, 2009

#1 Party School

In 2009, The Princeton Review named Penn State the #1 Party School in America. It's a rotating crown—last year it was University of Florida, before that it was West Virginia University. So we wondered: what's it like to be at the country's top party school?

Note, Act Three was not in the broadcast version of the show. That's a web bonus.

Act Three

Talk To The Paw

The same year Penn State was named #1 party school, State College was named the safest metropolitan area in the country. Producer Aaron Scott goes out with a State College police officer to see what it takes to keep it safe. (8 minutes)


“Drunk and Disorderly” by The Shirkers
Act Four

A Drinking School With A Football Problem

Administrators have tried everything to curb drinking at Penn State, and nothing has worked. Producer Sarah Koenig reports on why this issue is so hard to tackle, and on how students react when a student dies from alcohol poisoning. (19 minutes)