September 28, 2012

Send a Message

This week people reach out in all kinds of ways to try to get their point across. And the recipients of those messages try to decipher what they mean. Messages in code, over the phone, and from beyond the grave.


Reporter Josh Bearman tells Ira a story about two coded messages that Galileo sent to fellow scientist Johannes Kepler back in the 17th century. Galileo was trying to tell Kepler about some of the amazing discoveries he made with his new telescope. And after months of mind-bending work, Kepler finally decoded the messages. Eureka! There was only one catch. Kepler was wrong. But he was also kind of right. But also, still, kind of wrong. (8 mins)

The Motherhood of the Traveling Pants

For generations, the gender of babies born into one family have all been determined in advance. The pregnant mothers receive a package in the mail, and if a little pink dress is inside, it's a girl. If there is a pair of brown polyester old-man pants, it's a boy. Producer Brian Reed reports the story. (17 minutes)