May 3, 2013

Hit the Road

We're opening windows and going places. This week we have stories of people who, for reasons that they can't always explain, feel compelled to get out and go somewhere. Including the story of one man who decides to take a trip from Philadelphia to San Francisco — by foot.

Andrew Forsthoefel. Photo by Therese Jornlin, Andrew’s mom. Chadds Ford, PA.
Act One

The Slowest Distance Between Two Points

Andrew Forsthoefel's story continues. (30 min)

Andrew produced the radio story with Jay Allison. Thanks to Viki Merrick. An hour-long version of the story and photos from the trip are at Transom.org, a nonprofit website that explains how to record and produce your own stories.

Andrew story features interviews with the following people:

Bill Guy, Shady Grove, AL
Therese Jornlin, Chadds Ford, PA
Hacky Pitts, High Point, NC
Ollie Ware, Franklin, LA
Karie Fugett, Foley, AL
Emma Lou Dailey, Beatrice, AL
Otho Rogers, Melrose, NM
Chris and James Paisano, Fort Defiance, AZ
Mitch and Jen Reed, LA