January 31, 1997

Edge of Sanity

Stories about the border between mental health and mental illness.


Story of a romance that began in a mental hospital. Sometimes, the line between crazy and not crazy is blurry; certain behavior could mean either thing. (4 minutes)
Act Two

Guided By Voices

Dr Patricia Deegan hears voices in her head. She's a psychologist and she believes that the only way mental health workers can really understand what their patients go through is if they hear voices themselves. So she and a few other voice-hearers put together a tape for mental health workers. It's a simulation of what the voices say and how they sound. She says that she and others actually hear the voices, as if they are voices in the room. Dr Deegan's organization is the National Empowerment Center. (10 minutes)
Act Three

Plague Of Tics

David Sedaris tells a story from his boyhood, when a voice inside his head commanded him to lick every light switch and tap his forehead with his heel. It's from his book Naked. (14 minutes)


“Psycho” by Elvis Costello