November 6, 2015


People deciding to make very big changes. 


Bob Carlson and his 10-year-old daughter, Tess, were driving by Six Flags Magic Mountain when she told him about one of her biggest fears: roller coasters. So they decided to try and take one on. This story is excerpted from the KCRW show Unfictional. (3 minutes)

Act Two


Most big grand transformations we go through really come down to a hundred little things that we change about ourselves. This recently happened for a refugee from Afghanistan, now living in Detroit. She rode the bus for the first time and took Ira along. (8 1/2 minutes)
Act Three


There are things lots of us think we might fix about ourselves, you know, someday. When we get around to it. When things calm down around here for a minute. And then for some of us, that day arrives and we try to rise to the occasion. Keith O'Brien met a guy like that at a prison. (12 minutes)