November 11, 2016

The Sun Comes Up

People around the country talking about the coming four years. Some of them exultant, some of them, as President Obama said Wednesday, "less so."


Host Ira Glass explains that this hour we will hear from people from all over the country, with different points of view, explain what they’re feeling and thinking about Donald Trump’s election. (1 minute)
Act One

South Florida

Two police officers who voted for Obama in 2008 explain to Producer Miki Meek why they went for Trump this time around. (4 minutes)
Act Two

Metro-North Train

Producer Neil Drumming talks to someone who was not happy with the results of Tuesday’s election. Janelle, who’s black, is bracing herself for the coming days. (4 minutes)
Act Three

Trump Tower

Producer Karen Duffin visits someone who actually knows the man who’s going to be President: Donald Trump’s neighbor. (4 minutes)
Act Four

Los Angeles

Producer Jonathan Menjivar listens in on parent-teacher conferences the day after the election at a bilingual school in Los Angeles. (6 minutes)
Act Five

Long Island

For some people, this election wasn’t just about choosing a politician. It was about choosing their new boss. Producer Stephanie Foo hangs out with two Army Reservists who have very different opinions about their new Commander-in-Chief. (7 minutes)
Act Six

Times Square

Ira talks to a Muslim woman who tweeted on election night that she was worried she would no longer feel safe wearing a hijab. (4 minutes)
Act Eight

Greenville South Carolina

We’ve been talking to Trump voters all year—a time during which they’ve watched their candidate’s chances evolve from laughable, to likely, to striking distance, to victory. Producer Zoe Chace checks in with a father and son who’ve been Trump supporters since February, when their guy was an underdog. (4 minutes)
Act Nine

Salt Lake City

Elna Baker talks to a Republican woman who voted for Hillary Clinton this year, and has suffered consequences in the Mormon community she lives in. (6 minutes)

Act Ten

New York City

Producer Zoe Chace hung out with some immigration lawyers who are getting calls from their nervous clients. (7 minutes)