April 19, 2019

Left Behind

People figuring out how to move through a world in which something important has disappeared.

The Re family from the story in the prologue.

The internet version of this episode contains one act that did not fit in the radio version.


Eleven adult siblings need to divide their dead parents' stuff. But they don’t all get along. So they invent a remarkably elaborate cheat-proof system to divide up the remains of their childhood. (16 minutes)

The Sudden Departure

When a small town loses 100 people in just a few hours, kids come home to find their parents missing. Producer Lilly Sullivan talks to people trying to make sense of where they went and if they’ll come back. (21 minutes)


“Someone Disappeared” by The Everywheres

Passed Over

With flames moving in from all sides during the Northern California fire, an entire town flees—except for four friends who’ve lived there since childhood. Producer Nancy Updike on what they do next. (16 minutes)


“Hell’s Gates on Fire” by Josh Abbott Band