August 28, 2020

Long-Awaited Asteroid Finally Hits Earth

Teachers, students and parents around the country have been bracing themselves all spring and summer long for the start of this unprecedented school year. This week, it's here.

Keith Negley


Host Ira talks with a teacher in South Carolina who is just trying to figure out what the first day of school will look like. (12 minutes)

Masked Crusaders

Two teachers find themselves thrown into a heated and ugly fight with parents right before school opens back up. Producer Miki Meek has this story from Utah. (20 minutes)

Future Imperfect

Some schools started back in July, including many in Tennessee. David Kestenbaum talks to one teacher there who’s already gone through a month of in-person learning to see what the  future might hold for other schools. (6 minutes)


The Leftovers

A week after starting classes, a Covid outbreak forces a university to send students back home. Producer Robyn Semien takes a tour of the emptying campus. (6 minutes)


“School Days” by Al Green