March 1, 2024


A series of phone calls to a man in Gaza named Yousef Hammash, between early December and now. He talks about what he and his family are experiencing, sometimes as they are experiencing it.

A man, Yousef, standing with a city landscape behind him.

Yousef Hammash in 2022.

In December, we released an extra podcast episode of conversations with Yousef.  So much has happened since then, we wanted to return to Yousef and bring you a full episode.

Act One

Act One

Over the course of one week in December, Yousef tries to get his sisters to safety, in Rafah. (29 minutes)

Act Two

Act Two

Yousef is managing a camp of 60 people in Rafah, including his youngest sister, who is 8 months pregnant. Every day there’s talk that Israel will launch a ground assault in Rafah. Yousef and his sister make a plan for her to give birth safely, but it doesn’t go according to plan. And all 60 people in the family are looking to Yousef to tell them where they should go next and how to stay safe. (27 minutes)


“Smiling Trees” by Elvis Kuehn