April 10, 1998

I Enjoy Being A Girl, Sort Of

Variations on what it means to be a girl and what it means to be a woman.


A high school student named Rebecca tells the story of a friend of hers who changed over the course of four years from a preppy alternative kid to a member of the Latina clique to a ghetto girl to a Clueless girl (a girl who models herself after the girls in the film and TV show Clueless). It's hard to imagine many boys changing style this quickly, this willfully, this many times. It's very girl, transforming yourself head to toe every year just because you can, and because you're expected to be that obsessed with how you look. (6 minutes)
Act One

Fatty Suit

David Sedaris with a parable of the pressures on modern women, and how one woman — his sister — responded. David's father thought it was very important that his daughters be thin. David's sister Amy responded by wearing a costume that made her look like she'd gained eighty pounds, horrifying her father. (15 minutes)
Act Two

How To Be A Man

Writer Sarah Miller attends a class on how to walk and talk and act like a man. It's not easy. None of the women in the class are able to cross the gender line convincingly. (9 minutes)
Act Four

Taking Sisterhood One Step Further

Ira with Elizabeth Joseph, who is in a polygamous marriage with eight wives and one husband. She says polygamy is the ultimate feminist lifestyle. Ms. Joseph and her sister-wives are all modern working women. (10 minutes).