Shortcut: Listeners Choose Their Favorite Moments

Oct. 12, 2016

Yesterday we launched Shortcut, a new app that allows you to turn your favorite podcast moments into shareable videos. It's been fun seeing which clips you, our listeners, are picking.

Here are some of our favorites.

1: New Beginnings, Prologue

203: Recordings for Someone, Act One

597: One Last Thing Before I Go, Act One

590: Choosing Wrong, Prologue

328: What I Learned from Television, Prologue

577: Something Only I Can See, Act Two

317: Unconditional Love, Act One

61: Fiasco!, Act Two

487: Harper High School, Act Three

470: Show Me the Way, Act Two

400: Stories Pitched by Our Parents, Prologue

259: Promised Land, Prologue

What's your favorite moment? Make your own Shortcut clip now!