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Host Ira Glass talks to Chicago Tribune newspaper columnist Amy Dickinson ("Ask Amy"), the heir to Ann Landers, as she reads letters from those readers who don't yet know their love is doomed.

Act One: Prisoner Of Love

Shant Kenderian reads from his memoir 1001 Nights In the Iraqi Army: The True Story of a Chicago Student Held as a POW By the Americans During Desert Storm. During the first Persian Gulf war, Shant (reluctantly) fought for Saddam Hussein.

Act Two: The Diary Of Mrs. Sam Horrigan.

Sixteen-year-old Catalina Puente, one of WNYC's Radio Rookies, gets caught up in a complete and total obsession when a student shows up at her high school looking just like Sam Horrigan, a little-known TV actor she likes. This story was produced by Czerina Patel at Radio Rookies.