Sept. 9, 2016

French vs. American Comedy: Gad Elmaleh on Stage

Zack McDermott writes:

Gad Elmaleh is considered one of the founding fathers of stand-up comedy in France. Before he brought the traditional American stand-up style to France, he did elaborate and theatrical one-man shows.

To say he’s a star in France is an understatement. Just take a look at his entrance in his iconic 2010 special “Papa est en haut.”


Yet, as I report in Episode #596, Gad decided he wanted to make it in the U.S., so about a year ago, he started performing, in English, in clubs in the States. Here he is working on his set at the Comedy Cellar on June 19. He cautions the crowd at the beginning of his set that he doesn't really speak English.


This bit, also from the Comedy Cellar, gives you a look at Gad's physicality. (His comedy is even more physical when he performs in French.)