October 5, 2001


In the movie Rashomon, one story is told from four different points of view. The story changes dramatically depending on who's telling it. This week, the events of September 11th, and how their meaning changes depending on who you talk to.


Larry Keeley explains why the Pentagon wants to see things from another perspective...and how hard that is to do. (7 minutes)
Act Two

Bombs Over Baghdad

We hear the story of the Persian Gulf war, as told by Issam Shukri, a family man from Bagdad who was drafted into Saddam's army against his will. He had to explain to his three-year-old son why those usually civilized Americans were bombing their city night after night. (14 minutes)
Act Three

Toto, I Don't Think We're In Vietnam Anymore

U.S. special operations forces will lead the first part of the coming war we're all bracing for. We hear how a simple half-hour mission turned into a bloody all-day battle in one of the last times special operations forces went out: in 1993, in Somalia. Alex Blumberg interviews Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down, an account of the battle. (17 minutes)