January 3, 2003

You Are So Beautiful…To Me

Two stories about love, and what people mean when they use the word love. Or, looked at differently, two modern-day reinterpretations of the Frog Prince story. One concerns a pretty man falling in love with an unlikely woman. And an unlikely woman falling in love with a pretty bird.


Host Ira Glass explains how you can get away with anything if you claim you did it for love. (3 minutes)

Polly Wants More Than A Cracker

Veronica Chater explains the conflict in her house between her love for her pet macaw—a kind of parrot—and her love for her husband and three kids. The macaw wreaks a sort of low-level chaos in the house, because it wants Veronica all to itself. (10 minutes)


“You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker, Tanya Tucker, Kenny Rankin and Babyface
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