May 10, 1996

Drama Bug

Stories of the people who fall for a life in the theater.

Chris Ware


As high-school freshmen, Kim, Tiffany, and Laura were enamored of their fellow students who netted the leads in all the school plays. They're seniors now, and they're the ones landing all the lead roles. But that doesn't stop them from continuing to gush about the "stars" that went before them (3 minutes).
Act One

Act One

David Sedaris reads his story of getting the drama bug. (14 minutes)


“Brush Up Your Shakespeare” by Cybill Shepherd
Act Two

Lost In Yonkers

Host Ira Glass follows the last month of rehearsals of Oak Park and River Forest High School's production of Neil Simon's Lost In Yonkers. (22 minutes)


“Showtime” by Sammy Davis, Jr.
Act Three

From The Audience Seats

Mark O'Brien is in an iron lung and comes out for short periods of time. What does he do with those precious moments free of the machinery that keeps him alive? He goes to the theater. (6 minutes)