June 1, 2007

Duty Calls

Josh's mother and younger brother were a mess. His mother drank too much. His brother got arrested a lot. Josh hadn't lived with them since he was nine, and they didn't play much of a role in his daily life—until duty called, and they took over his life.

Josh told the sequel to this story at our live show in 2014.

Josh Bearman's younger brother David.


Host Ira Glass talks to Vincent Homenick and Norman Goodman, the court officials who hear all the excuses from New York City residents trying to get out of jury duty. (5 minutes)
Act One

Act One

Josh Bearman grew up in California with his dad, stepmom, and brother. But they're not his whole family. His mom and half-brother David live in Florida. Josh had never spent much time with the two of them until recently. One day he got a phone call: his mother was in the hospital, near death, and David was on his way to jail. They had no money and couldn't take care of themselves. So Josh flew to Florida and tried to take over. (30 minutes)

Act Two

Act Two

Josh Bearman continues his story by looking at how things got so bad for his mother and David in the first place. (22 minutes)