January 1, 2010


At the start of a new year, journalistic outfits put out lots of mealy "perhaps oil prices will rise or perhaps they won't" predictions for the coming year. Instead of that, we asked our contributors to predict real events that will happen to them and the people they know in 2010.


Host Ira Glass goes with Ashli Lewis to a San Francisco psychic to find out if a longstanding prophecy about her is going to come true in 2010. (7 minutes)

Lewis Time

Ira with teachers Shraddha Subramaniam and Samantha Cato, and their 2010 predictions for their sixth grade students at Intermediate School 303 in the Bronx, especially a student named Lewis de la Cruz. (5 minutes)


When it comes to predictions, Etgar Keret only trusts one person in his family: His mom. She's amazingly accurate. So he asks her to clue him in about what the future of the mideast will be in 2010. Etgar's an Israeli writer; his latest book of short stories, translated into English, is The Girl on the Fridge. (5 minutes)