December 6, 1996

Media Fringe

Four stories about people struggling at the fringes of our nation's media/music/infotainment industry.

Chris Ware

Act Two

Whoring In Radio News

Scott Carrier took a job in commercial radio working for a network correspondent he refers to as "The Friendly Man." Every story was supposed to be upbeat, a tale of people coming together in the heartwarming spirit of community. And every story they sent him on turned out to be a sham. When he tried to tell his editors the story they wanted was untrue, he was told that attitude would get him fired. (17 minutes)


“Who Listens To Radio?” by Sarah Vaughn
Act Three

A Small Personal Act

Sarah Vowell on the joy of making mix tapes of your favorite songs to send to loved ones. She spots an ad for someone who makes them for money. "Prostitute," she thinks. Then she decides she wants the job. And tries it. And finds it's a lot harder than she imagined. (14 minutes)


“Mix Tapes” by The Nonce