April 13, 2012

Own Worst Enemy

Stories of people who can’t seem to stop getting in their own way — sabotaging everything from their romantic relationships to their physical health. Featuring a new radio drama by Jonathan Mitchell.


Host Ira Glass speaks with various people who regularly eat foods that give them severe allergic reactions, stomach cramping and trips to the hospital. (8 minutes)
Act One

Aces are Wild

For a generation of baseball fans, when a pitcher suddenly stops being able to perform, it's known as "Steve Blass Disease" — after an all-star pitcher who inexplicably stopped being able to throw strikes. Ira Glass speaks with Steve Blass and others about this phenomenon. Blass is publishing an autobiography (with co-author Erik Sherman) called A Pirate For Life on May 1. MLB Footage Courtesy of MLB.com. (15 minutes)

Act Two

The Conversation

The creators of the new podcast The Truth are trying to re-imagine and re-invent radio drama, so it doesn't sound like an antique novelty. They created this for us. It was produced and directed by Jon (yes it's fiction) produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell, and written by Jonathan Mitchell, Ed Herbstman, and Melanie Hoopes. The actors are Ed Herbstman, Tami Sagher, Libby George and Christian Paluck. (14 1/2 minutes)