January 10, 2020

Gardens of Branching Paths

Other universes that are just like our own, but with one small difference.

Keith Negley



Host Ira Glass talks with David Kestenbaum about a phone app that can create alternate universes with the press of a button. (8 minutes)

Act One

Dreams From My Father

Writer Etgar Keret tells a story about his father, who was constantly imagining parallel universes. In a way, they saved him. (12 minutes)

Act Two

Sorry/Not Sorry

David Kestenbaum finds out about a speech that, in another world, President Clinton gave on August 17, 1998. (13 minutes)

Act Three

Sklar-Crossed Brothers

Being an identical twin is kind of like having a parallel world right on top of ours, one in which there is another version of you running around. Dana Chivvis has the story of the Sklar twins, and a 48-year-old mystery. (19 minutes)