February 28, 2020

Everyone's a Critic

People squirming in a world where everything is rated and reviewed.

Note: The internet version of this episode contains un-beeped curse words. BEEPED VERSION.


Host Ira Glass talks with writer Michael Schulman about a book he wrote. Not about the book itself—about the reviews it gets on Amazon. (9 minutes)

Their Eyes Weren’t Watching God

On a friend’s recommendation, B.A. Parker decides to try attending First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem. Parker is black, much like the majority of the church’s congregation. But when she gets to FCBC, she notices a long line of white tourists waiting to get inside. (13 minutes)


“Somebody’s Watching You” by The Sacred Four

Mr. Chen Goes to Wuhan

What happens when a Chinese man—just a guy, not a journalist or dissident—decides to go to Wuhan and investigate the country’s response to coronavirus? Reporter Jiayang Fan brings us the story of Chen Qiushi. (23 minutes)

Must Love Cats

Lina Misitzis talks to the one person in America who loves the movie everyone else in America loves to hate. (11 minutes)


“Think I've Said Too Much” by Sugar & The Hi Lows