March 13, 2020

Low Hum of Menace

Things do not seem fine at all, but it’s hard to say why.

Richard Baker/Getty Images



Host Ira Glass talks to people as they prepare for the coronavirus but don’t know exactly what to expect yet. (8 minutes)

Act One

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Khristen, a single mom, decides to secretly record her home inspector to catch him sexually harassing her. Eight years later, reporter Jessica Lussenhop checks in with Khristen to talk about what the recording meant back then versus now. (23 minutes)

Act Two

Reality Show

FBI agents question NSA contractor Reality Winner, who was later charged with leaking evidence of Russian interference in U.S. elections. Even the most casual small talk takes on an air of menace. (18 minutes)

This is an excerpt from Is This A Room, a play based on the real FBI interrogation transcript. Conceived of and directed by Tina Satter, Emily Davis plays Reality Winner, TL Thompson and Pete Simpson play the special agents.