August 12, 2022

Name. Age. Detail.

Ten people were killed at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY. Their stories, as you’ve never heard them.

Mustafa Hussain

Celestine Chaney

Kayla Jones was extremely close with her grandmother, Celestine Chaney. For Colored Nerds host Brittany Luse talks with Kayla about her grandmother and their shared love of beauty. (7 minutes)

Katherine Massey

The fact that was repeated about Katherine Massey was that she had written an letter to the newspaper calling for gun control the year before she was murdered. Katherine Massey made things happen. Eve L. Ewing found out how she did it. (12 minutes)

Margus Morrison

Margus Morrison was a school bus aide, father of six. Ira Glass talks to his brother, Frederick.

Ruth Whitfield

Ruth Whitfield. 86 years old. There was a detail repeated often came to Ruth Whitfield, the oldest victim. She visited her husband that morning at a nursing home before heading to Tops. B.A. Parker talked to her son, Garnell Whitfield Jr. about what seemed to be a very long love story. Parker is one of the host of NPR’s Code Switch. (8 minutes)

Roberta Drury

She was the first person and the youngest person killed. She’s described in a lot of stories as vibrant, funny, joyful. Damon Young was struck by another particular detail. (4 minutes)

Deacon Heyward Patterson

Heyward Patterson was a deacon at the State Tabernacle Church of God in Christ. He was at Tops often where he worked as a jitney driver. Michael Harriot has the story of another Tops regular, and how he met the Deacon. (16 minutes)

Original music for this episode is by Buffalo musician Curtis Lovell.