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Home movies are often all the same—kids on the beach, people getting married, birthday parties—so why do we make and watch so many of them?

We take the classifieds from one Sunday edition of the paper and fill a program with stories that come from the ads.

Some people have a rather dark worldview that divides people into two groups: Suckers and non-suckers.
Stories of people traveling under false identities, not for power or personal gain, but for their own deeper personal reasons.
What happened after a group of Native American girls from one town found themselves being chased down the highway by a group of white boys from another town.

A group of inmates at a high-security prison stage a production of the last act of Hamlet.

Two years after the Mideast peace process collapsed, we wanted to understand what that has done to people living in Israel and the West Bank.
When you turn someone over to the authorities, it can set into motion lots of huge, unintended consequences.

How the American Psychiatric Association decided that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness.