Public Radio Wedding Proposal

Jun 14, 2010
Ira writes: I did a speech this weekend for the Dallas Museum of Art's series "Arts and Letters Live." This guy, Mike, emailed saying he and his girlfriend Kathy would be there, and would I consider asking her to marry him, from the stage? That seemed like something he should probably ask, not me, so we arranged for me to interview him over the phone two days before the speech. He told me how he didn't like the GF when he first met her at church, she didn't seem interested in current events, he was very judgey:

She was "very pretty, very fashionable," one of those "pretty, popular girls." Right. And who likes that? But they were out with friends getting lunch after church or bible study one week and Mike mentioned our radio show and Kathy turned out to be an expert on the show, which made him start to think differently of her:

Didn't hurt her feelings about him either. And so he choose my speech as the setting to ask her to marry him. At the event, I played clips of our conversation, including the moment he asked her — on tape — to marry him.

The audience went nuts. Kathy was all "how is this happening?" We brought up the house lights and then brought them onstage. It was amazing. I got all choked up and had a hard time continuing the speech.

After the show they came backstage and we took these pictures.

Mike and Kathy

Mike, Kathy, and Ira