Two Charity Events with Cool Stuff You Can Get

Feb 3, 2011

Hi all -

Ira writing this.

The New York Writers Coalition has writers workshops for kids and adults all over New York (the homeless, war vets, the incarcerated, at-risk youth, and so forth). It's a really great organization, and their fundraiser on Monday, Feb 7 is kind of mind-blowing with all the stuff that's up for grabs. There's a raffle where the prizes include Jack Black doing a singing telegram on your phone and four VIP tickets to The Daily Show and signed books by David Rakoff. Plus they're throwing a "red and black" party with a silent auction. Some of the stuff in that auction: Drinks with me, a Freaks and Geeks DVD set signed by Judd Apatow and Paul Feig, a Buffy DVD set signed by Joss Whedon, a Mad Men pilot script signed by cast member Rich Sommer, autographed books from Michael Chabon and Chuck Klosterman, a handwritten page of music by Philip Glass, signed by him. The party's in New York this coming Monday. The raffle you can do from anywhere. $10. Best case: Jack Black sings to you. Worst case: you donated $10 to a good cause.

And then on Thursday Feb 17 I'll be playing poker with John Hodgman, Michael Ian Black, poker pro Andy Bloch, and anyone else who shows up - which hopefully will include you! - also in New York. It's a fundraiser for 826NYC, one of the literacy groups founded by Dave Eggers (it has a special focus on getting kids to write). The tournament winner gets a seat at the World Series of Poker. No kidding. That normally costs $10,000. So the best case scenario: you win a seat at the biggest poker tournament in the country. Worst case: you give $500 to a nice charity. Win-win, right?