"Sleepwalk with Me" Comes to Boston

Mar 23, 2012

Ira writes:

Hello Boston! The movie we made with Mike Birbiglia, based on the sleepwalking story he told on our show, is coming to the Independent Film Festival Boston.

How good is the film? So good it killed at Sundance in January and won an audience award. So good it was listed as one of the best films at SXSW by several reviewers. So good the Independent Film Festival in Boston picked it to open their entire festival on Wednesday, April 25th.

Writer, director, and star of the film Mike Birbiglia is on the road and can't be at the screening, but I'll be there, to present the film and do a Q&A afterwards. It's the first time we're presenting the film without Mike in the room. Finally, audiences will get a chance at a Q&A that doesn't get bogged down in great jokes and charming, self-deprecating remarks. It'll be good to be rid of that dead weight! I feel younger and lighter already!

Hope to see you there. We'll add ticket information once it's available.

The film will play a few more festivals over the next few months, and then will come to a theater near you when it's officially released in the fall by our distributor, IFC Films.