Ira can foretell the future!

Jun 22, 2012

Ira writes:

Okay, back in October, I wrote on our blog about Jane Espenson's Internet sitcom Husbands, whose premise is, basically Mad About You or I Love Lucy but with a gay couple. My last paragraph:

Jane's hope is that some brave network — AMC? NBC? — will notice their little experiment and give them a budget larger than the cost of a Hyundai to blow people's minds on real TV. If they do it right, of course, they won't be blowing minds at all. They'll just be the New Normal.

Okay, fast forward till today. Maybe you've seen the ads that've started running for the new NBC series about a gay couple? Stars that guy from Book of Mormon who was so great as Hannah's ex-boyfriend in Girls? Created by the guy who did Glee? Its name? The New Normal.

That is the incredible influence of this blog at the highest levels of show business.