One Radio Host, Two Dancers

Apr 4, 2013

Photo by Ebru YILDIZ

Ira writes:

People of Philadelphia, I’m coming to town in two weeks to stage the world premiere of this show I’ve been working on for months. It has a completely ridiculous premise: radio stories... plus dance. The dance part is done by Monica Bill Barnes & Company. They’re the incredible dancers we had in our live cinema show last May. I suppose you can figure out who does the radio stories part of the show.

The show’s a mix of two things that really have no business being on stage together at all. Dance is all visuals, no talking. Radio’s all talking, no visuals. But what the stories on our show have in common with dance is music. That’s a start. And Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass are such funny, human-scale, relatable sorts of performers; their sensibility somehow matches a lot of what we do on the radio show.

I know this whole thing sounds a little nuts but I swear it’s pretty great. Huge laughs. Big emotions. The one time we’ve tried this on stage was a ten-minute excerpt at Carnegie Hall and it brought down the house. Seriously.

The Philadelphia shows are on Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st. We’ve priced tickets on the cheap side – they start at $20. I really really hope you come out.