We Want Your Stories About Being High

Apr 9, 2014

Hi friends,

We’re hoping you can help us with an upcoming episode. It’s about drug use – and the various, hopefully surprising things people do while under the influence. As with most of our shows, we’re planning to produce a mix of stories. Some will be on the lighter, funnier side. Others will deal with addiction and the darker aspects of drugs. One or two stories may end up being both funny and dark at turns.

In that mix, we'd like to devote a portion of the show to a collection of shorter stories in the classic "I was so high..." genre. So these would be the kind of anecdotes you might hear at a bar or wherever you're hanging out with friends. And we'd like them to come from you. Succinctly put, we're asking you to send us ideas for stories you could tell on the radio about a time when you, or a friend, relative, spouse, parent, co-worker etc., happened to be high and went through something that they'll never forget and maybe even learned something from. We're particularly looking for stories on the lighter/funnier side of the spectrum, though we don't want to rule out a story we like strictly based on the tone. The type of drug doesn't so much matter. It's not a show only about marijuana. Being drunk probably doesn't count. But we'd be open to a good anaesthesia story or two. What we're not looking for is the kind of story that goes, "I was so high I thought I'd lost my phone, and searched for it for an hour before realizing it was in my pocket." In other words, these stories should be like all of your favorite stories on the show: extraordinary, surprising, something people are unlikely to hear anywhere else. Also, importantly, the stories need to be true.

So, if you have a story like that please send it our way. We've set up an email address especially for this purpose: [email protected]. We will not use your name on the air. Repeated for emphasis: we will NOT use your name on the air. But please include your full name, email address and phone number so we know that you are an actual person and we can get a hold of you if we want to record you telling your story. Also, please know that we can only devote one or two people to sifting through the emails. So if you could keep these anecdotes brief — two or three paragraphs at the most, and less if you can manage it — that’d be great.

A final note: we just want to stress that we're not trying to condone drug use with this episode, nor trivialize the various impacts that drugs can have on people's lives. We're more just wanting to acknowledge the existence of drug use and the fact that more people have experimented, or have used drugs regularly, than we might expect.

Thanks so much, everybody. We’re looking forward to hearing what you've got. If we think your story might work for the show, we’ll give you a shout.

Yours sincerely,

The staff of This American Life