Variety Show Thursday Night!

Feb 24, 2010
The Talent Show

A number of people who've appeared on the radio show, including Ira, will be performing in a new variety show that's starting up in New York called "The Talent Show." Thursday night February 25th. 8:00. Gershwin Hotel, in a tiny 100-person space. Those other performers: Mike Birbiglia, John Hodgman, Dave Hill, Shaina Feinberg, Elna Baker and Luke Bergamini (the teen comic who appeared on our TV show).  There'll also be people who haven't appeared on This American Life.

Details here. Update: Online tickets are sold out, but some additional tickets will be available at the door starting at 7pm.

Ira Glass Interviews Jeff Garlin Onstage Sunday Night

Feb 24, 2010

Ira writes: I've known Jeff since long before I started This American Life and long before he created Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David. He's a standup comedian, a great producer and director of comedians (he directed Jon Stewart's and Denis Leary's HBO specials) and an amazing improvisatory actor. Curb is improvised in front of the camera and I've asked Jeff to bring a couple scenes to show during our interview, to talk about this process. The excuse for this whole thing is that he's on a book tour, but I jumped at the chance because it's going to be really fun to get this person I love and admire onstage to ask anything I want. In prepping this last week, I already have more questions than I can possibly ask.

Sunday, February 28, 2010, 8:00pm
92nd Street Y in New York
Ticket Information

We Have a Winner!

Feb 19, 2010

Thank you to the more than 13,000 people who voted online for their favorite stories in Episode 400: "Stories Pitched by Our Parents." Polls have closed, the ballots have been counted, and the winner is... Robyn Semien! 3,593 people voted for Robyn's story about her dad's electronically controlled car. Staff favorite Lisa Pollak trailed closely behind, with 3,038 listeners voting for her story about funny funerals. Parents of both producers will receive free trips to visit their kids.

Here are the complete results, in order of ascending votes:

Ira Glass' story about the suit - 147 votes (1.1%)

Sarah Koenig's really short story about her daughter wondering why her Jewish grandmother celebrates Christmas (podcast only) - 178 votes (1.3%)

Alissa Shipp's 16-second story about her Bubby saying she's bored (podcast only) - 243 votes (1.8%)

Alex Blumberg's story about corporations being treated as individuals - 1,173 votes (8.9%)
Note, we interrupted this story on the show, but you can listen to the whole thing here.

Nancy Updike's story about the Erie Canal - 1,910 votes (14.5%)
Want to listen to that catchy song again?

Jane Feltes' story about the university in Haiti - 2,921 votes (22.1%)

Lisa Pollak's story about funny funerals - 3,038 votes (23.0%)

Robyn Semien's story about her dad's car invention - 3,593 votes (27.2%)

Oh and if it were in the running, we bet Julie Snyder's This American Life jingle would have gotten some votes.

Not to Brag... But Our iPhone App Is Kind of a Hit

Feb 19, 2010

We’re psyched to see that our new app is getting lots of five star reviews, and hanging out among the top apps on the iTunes store (it peaked at #3 in the entertainment category!).

The app costs $2.99, and is pretty packed with features:

  • On-demand access to every radio episode we've ever produced
  • Searching by contributor, lists of staff favorites, and the ability to save your own favorites list
  • Countdown to the Friday night live feed, which you can stream in the app
  • Lots of exclusive audio and video extras

Here’s a video of Ira giving a little tour its features:

The app was developed by our talented friends at Public Radio Exchange (PRX).

The Stag-at Guide: A Public Service

Feb 12, 2010

TAL producer Jane Feltes was worried that she was falling for the wrong guys. Guys with knuckle tattoos and criminal records instead of gainfully employed, well-adjusted men. She has a new series for BlackBook where she'll visit bars and restaurants in New York City where one might meet these gentlemen. The goal is to bring us a Zagat Guide for singles in the city.

Read about her first mission: the Lobby Bar at the Ace Hotel.