500: 500!

500: 500!

Jul 12, 2013
To celebrate our 500th episode, Ira asked the producers of This American Life to talk about their very favorite moments on the show. Some chose stories that've been more or less forgotten for years; others chose just one line of script, or a segment that secretly made them cry. So for our 500th, we bring you the best of This American Life — the way we've been hearing it, behind the scenes, all these years.

Web extras: we commissioned nine illustrations from different artists to mark our 500th episode. We also posted this list of potential show names from a meeting in 1996. Here is Ira's interview with Buzzfeed, and the Favorite Favorites List.

Use the player above to hear the 500th episode. Use the players below to hear the full versions of stories excerpted in the show.


Adrianne Mathiowetz


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