For Your Road Trip

Hitting the road? These stories will make the miles fly by.

With all the American movies and songs and books about the joy of the open road, it's hard for an American to take just a normal road trip without huge expectations.

A special show, composed entirely of stories from just one This American Life contributor: Scott Carrier, whose strange and compelling stories sound like nothing else on the radio.

After two months on the road together, lotto fever grips the cast of Riverdance.

Nine radio reporters. Two days. One rest stop on the New York State Thruway.

A 15-year-old boy travels more than one thousand miles—alone—to seek out his hero, a man he's never met.

Sarah Koenig, the host of Serial, takes on a murder case that doesn’t make any sense and wraps it up in just an hour.

David Sedaris on his family reunion, and an impulse buy of a lifetime — an oceanfront cottage big enough for all of them.

A flute player breaks into a British museum and makes off with a million dollars worth of dead birds.