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287: Backed Into A Corner
Act Three

Confessions Of A Not-so-dangerous Mind

How NOT to get a job in U.S. intelligence: Admit to being a pervert during your job interview. Somehow, though, that's exactly what happened to a perfectly normal, nice guy who we're calling "Matt" for the purposes of this story. On paper, Matt was a perfect candidate to be an analyst for the National Security Agency. He was bright, ambitious, spoke Chinese. But he was also a little neurotic. So somewhere in the midst of his final round of testing for the NSA job, he started to worry about this riddle: What if I've done something bad, but I don't know I've done it? Am I still guilty? This, it turns out, is not the best way to approach a lie detector test. Brian Montopoli, Matt's friend, interviewed him about what happened. (15 minutes)