December 23, 2005

The This American Life Holiday Spectacular

A full-throttle, show-stopping, no-holds-barred Christmas Spectacular! Shedding the crusty old Christmas stories of yore, we bring you new holiday classics. With special musical guest Marah!


Host Ira Glass hauls out Ye Olde Book of Christmas Stories, only to realize that everyone's favorite stories are—gasp—missing. Sounding the alarm, he sets off to save Christmas, the only way he knows how. (2 minutes)
Act Three

My So-called Jesus

Yeah, Mary Magdalene knew Jesus. She knew him before anybody else had ever even heard of him. Way before he got famous, at McDonald Elementary School, where he gave weird reports in class, hung out at the loser lunch table and—wouldn't you know it—wound up suspended. Written and read by Heather O'Neill. Heather's the author of Lullabies for Little Criminals. (13 minutes)

Act Four

An Animal Farm Christmas

The great Christmas classics are all like fables. David Sedaris contributes his own, about barnyard animals who decide to play "Secret Santa." David is the author of many books, including a collection of Christmas stories, Holidays on Ice. (7 minutes)

Act Five

Christmas At Valley Forge

A brand new Christmas carol gets its world premiere: A song about both Christmas and American history. With lyrics by Sarah Vowell. Music written and performed by Marah. Sarah's next book, Unfamiliar Fishes, will be released this March. (3 minutes)