July 18, 2014

Mind Your Own Business

Stories of meddling, snooping, and just getting way, way up in other people's business. A cellphone hidden in a bag of chips starts a messy turf war between the FBI and a local sheriff; and a surprising handbook lets us peek into the secret world of professional cheerleading. Plus: Studs Terkel.

Act One

Jill House Rules

Earlier this year, a cheerleader named Lacy T filed a lawsuit against the Oakland Raiders for failing to pay her minimum wage. NFL cheerleaders did the same right after... cheerleaders generally make about $1,500 for the entire season. What’s interesting is that the way they're trying to win is to argue that the teams exert so much control over their lives - they are so up in they business - that the cheerleaders deserve to be considered employees. Chana Joffe-Walt reports, and interviews producer - and former Lakers Girl - Robyn Semien (18 minutes)
Act Two

Cop versus Cop

There’s been a big, messy, fascinating story unfolding in Los Angeles for awhile… involving two big law enforcement agencies: the LA county sheriff’s department, which is huge, and the FBI. A secret investigation got exposed. There were accusations and counter-accusations, and clandestine recordings, and by the end, a bunch of people’s careers were over. Nancy Updike talks to Robert Faturechi, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, about the story. (24 minutes)