October 30, 2015

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Emily Dickinson said “The heart wants what it wants.” This week stories from people who take that notion to extremes, and are unapologetic about it.

Note: The internet version of this episode contains un-beeped curse words. BEEPED VERSION.


Ira talks to a man in his 70s who’s about to travel across the country to tell a woman he loves how he really feels, despite some very real signs that doing so might be a bad idea. (8 minutes)
Act One

Jesse’s Girl

Jesse had been waiting his whole life to fall in love—and then he started getting these letters from the perfect woman, Pamala. She seemed vulnerable. In need of protection. A classic beauty. He was totally devoted. They corresponded for years. And when something happens that really should change how he feels about her— he just can’t give it up. NPR’s social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam reports the story. He hosts the podcast Hidden Brain. (31 minutes)

Act Two

My Love Is Blue

Comedian Elsa Waithe tells about going to Time’s Square to take part in the Black Lives Matter protests, and winding up with a huge crush on her arresting officer. (9 minutes)