January 21, 2022

A Couple Walks Into a House

Rob and Reyna Mathis make an unsettling discovery in the home of a local police officer. Soon, their whole city is asking questions about who the officer really is and what he's been doing.

Katherine Lam



Rob and Reyna Mathis go house hunting with their family in Muskegon, Michigan. What they find in a police officer’s home prompts an upsetting debate. (10 minutes)

Act One

The Decision

Rob and Reyna weigh whether or not they should go public with what they’ve seen. (5 minutes)

Act Two

It Begins

The response to Rob and Reyna’s Facebook post is loud and immediate. This officer has a past and people have thoughts about him in the town he works, Muskegon, Michigan. (3 minutes)

Act Three

The People in Charge

Muskegon’s City Manager and Chief of Police have to figure out what to do about their employee who’s now in the spotlight. (3 minutes)

Act Four

We Know That Guy

People in Muskegon show up at a community meeting to talk about their run-ins with this particular police officer. The reviews are not good. (7 minutes)

Act Five

Officer Anderson On the Job

An example of how this officer could be on the job. One man's life was upended when the officer showed up at his mom’s birthday party over a noise complaint. (8 minutes)

Act Six

Things Get Ugly

Rob and Reyna Mathis deal with the scary fallout of their choice to name the officer. (9 minutes)

Act Seven

The Investigation

The official investigation by the city of Muskegon into the officer’s past gets underway– and we have a transcript of what went down! Finally we hear the officer – and his wife – explain themselves. (12 minutes)