February 17, 2017

Grand Gesture

This week we have stories of people going to very extreme measures to demonstrate their feelings. Elna Baker makes a questionable trip to Africa, while a man in Florida commits a series of disturbing acts in the name of love. Ira also goes to a high school to talk to kids before a dance.


Producer Miki Meek takes Ira back to her old high school in a town called Payson, Utah. They meet up with students who go above and beyond when asking dates out to school dances. Chickens, goats and burning trees are involved. (12 1/2 minutes)

Act One

Dr. Strangelove.

A guy in Key West makes a series of grand gestures, each one more outrageous than the last. He goes so far that we need to say that this story, from Miki Meek, is not for kids. Ben Harrison, who appears in this story, is author of the book “Undying Love.” (18 minutes)