December 6, 2019

Digging Up the Bones

There's a lot that can be gained from unearthing the past -- learning about oneself, learning about others. But, it doesn't always go how you'd expect.

Ping Zhu


Host Ira talks with producer Emanuele Berry about the man who tried to find one of history’s -- and literature’s -- most storied cities. (8 minutes)

Next of Kindle

After his mother passes, a man unearths her book collection… and is surprised. (6 1/2 minutes)


“Buried Bones” by The Rough Shapes

Revision Quest

In her forties, Jill Ciment wrote about the love of her life. Twenty years later, she’s writing something new about the exact same thing. (15 minutes)


“Diggin Up Bones” by Tony Jackson