October 16, 2020

The Moment After This Moment

People who are worried — or not worried enough! — about what's hurtling unstoppably towards them.



Host Ira Glass speaks to Kevin Sheekey, the man tasked with spending $100m of Mike Bloomberg’s billions on securing a Democrat win in the constant battleground state of Florida. He also speaks to producer Lina Misitzis about what’s going on down on the ground with Democrats in the state. (10 minutes)

Act One

School of Hard Knocks

Broward County is  one of the bluest counties in Florida, and some of the Democrats who live and vote there are worried their party isn’t doing enough to keep it that way. Lina Misitzis spent some time talking to them about their fears. (7 minutes)

Act Two

Words Vs Fear

Michael Bernard Loggins tried to battle his fears by listing them — at last count he had a list of 138 fears. Actor Tom Wright reads excerpts. (9 minutes)

With the help of the arts program Creativity Explored, Michael, who is developmentally disabled, published his list in two zines called Fears of Your Life and Fears of Your Life: A Whole New One. Excerpts from the zines have been published as part of a book, also called Fears of Your Life.

Act Three

Best Laid Plans

Kurt Braunohler and his girlfriend had been together for thirteen years, and they were still only 30. They wondered why they had never considered marriage, and realized that they needed to sleep with other people before they tied the knot. Then the adventure began. (18 minutes)

Kurt Braunhohler is the host of a podcast called Bananas.