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When guest host Tobin Low was looking for a husband, he got opposing advice from two of the most important people in his life, his mom and his best friend.

Act Two: Crazy Stupid Love

People who fall in love at first sight often describe it as a kind of magic. One of our producers, Aviva DeKornfeld, is skeptical of these sorts of claims.

Act One: Meet Cute

Actor Daniel Radcliffe reads a short piece of fiction, “The Present,” from Simon Rich’s book of short stories “The Last Girlfriend on Earth.” (10 minutes)

Act Two: The Obstacle

Elna Baker interviews comedian Michelle Buteau about one of her first big romantic challenges.

Act Three: The Run

David Kestenbaum retraces the steps of Steve Snyder, a man who found himself running for love.

Act Four: You Had Me at Hello

Comedian Jillian Welsh tells Diane Wu about one of the most romantic—and stressful—nights of her life, a night that paralleled the plot of a rom-com in several ways. A version of this story first appeared on the Risk! podcast.


Host Ira Glass interviews author Alain de Botton about why so many of us choose the wrong spouses. Botton is the author of the new novel The Course of Love.

Act One: Jesse’s Girl

Jesse had been waiting his whole life to fall in love—and then he started getting these letters from the perfect woman, Pamala. She seemed vulnerable.

Act Three: Unbreak My Heart

Julia Lillis talks to Ira about the huge, romantic move she made after a break up, and how it was both crazy and worth doing.

Act Two: 21 Chump Street

At three high schools in Palm Beach County, Florida, several young police officers were sent undercover to pose as students, tasked with making drug arrests. And this, this is the setting for a love story, reported by Robbie Brown.