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Act One: Fate of the Union

Zoe Chace reports on a surprising guest at the Republican National Convention: Teamsters president Sean O’Brien. (18 minutes)

Act One: Republicans Who Crossed Trump

Reporter Alix Spiegel talks to two people with good reason to fear a second Trump administration. Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham spent six years with the Trumps but resigned after January 6th and wrote a scathing tell-all book about her experience.

Act Two: The Deep Stater

Alex Vindman became the face of the first Trump impeachment after he reported to his superiors that Trump had asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of his political opponent. At the time, Vindman believed that his Congressional testimony would not jeopardize him; now, he and his wife Rachel are having second thoughts.

Act Three: Four More Years

After hearing from people who dread a possible second Trump term, we hear from those who are excited about it.

Act One: The Lonely Island

The Michigan GOP’s newly elected leader, Kristina Karamo, faces her first big test: Can she organize and pull off the state party’s fabled, expensive Mackinac Island conference as a political outsider – with no fundraising experience or establishment connections? (9 minutes)

Act Two: Another Purity Test

Two young Michigan GOP vice chairs are totally on board with Kristina Karamo’s take on politics and hate the establishment like her.

Act Four: Karamo Fights Back

Kristina Karamo and her camp defend themselves against Warren’s attacks that they’re bad at fundraising and bad at leading the party. (13 minutes)

Act One: Prescription for Freedom

Among the big items in DeSantis's run for president is medical freedom. Producer Zoe Chace wanted to understand its appeal and its growing popularity.

Act One: Magazona

Washington Post reporter, Isaac Arnsdorf, and producer, Zoe Chace, continue the story about the takeover of the Republican party. Together, they hit the road to document how the presence of the MAGA newbies are changing things on the ground in Arizona. Isaac is writing a book all about the MAGA plot to take over America.